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Inspired by marriage as a concept that unites two different people and that integrates two different worlds within it, we thought that food as a means of uniting people can and should marry flavours, cultures and civilizations.

This is how the 21 Cuisines concept was created to bring to your events flavors from other places where you or your loved ones probably come from. It is a culinary innovation that offers an impressive sight as all the food is prepared in front of you in an open kitchen, as well as a rich taste journey that really stimulates all the senses.


Our excellent know-how, innovative business thinking, dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction met haute gastronomy and gave birth to 21 Cuisines. We believe that the relationship between gastronomy and culture is inseparable and the time has come for us to be able to support something so big and impressive.

It’s our way of giving the great moments of your life the taste they deserve!



Every city, village or island in Greece is also famous for a food product or an excellent raw material. In the 9 Greek cuisines we worship the Greek tradition, using products from each place and making local recipes.

Thrace, Epirus, Crete, Thessaly, Macedonia, Peloponnese, Central Greece, the Cyclades and the Ionian Islands give us the inspiration to create local dishes for your reception menu. If you want to honor your or a loved one’s origins, then Greek cuisines will give you exactly what you are looking for. Aside from the local menu that you can choose, you have the possibility, through the services that we provide you, to configure your entire event in combination. For example, if you choose the Cretan menu, we can organize a wedding for you with as many Cretan elements as you want. We can bring a dance group from Crete or a Cretan band and the decorations will be similar. Every celebration must be unique.

That is why we are constantly evolving to provide you with innovative services that create unique experiences for you.



Nothing stands in the way of great loves. It is always our pleasure to see couples from another country getting married. It gives us just as much joy when couples who are both from abroad choose Greece to live their wedding day.

We wanted to honor all these people and created the 12 international cuisines. Twelve flavored menus and recipes from around the world. Mediterranean flavors, European recipes, Russian dishes, Asian cuisine, Arabic aromas accompanied by the respective drinks of each country are offered to fascinate you and your guests.

Everything is cooked in an open kitchen so that you can also enjoy this impressive sight and served the way you wish, either on a buffet or at the table.

We can always organize a themed wedding for you, combining the musical and artistic spectacle with the menu of your choice, the decoration and all the happenings during the night.


Live Bars

A delicious extension of the 21 Cuisines service are the live bars that are set up in the main area of the reception and offer fine delicacies throughout your event. We have created 8 different live bars to satisfy even the most demanding palates, as well as all ages. Our goal is to keep the spirit up and all the guests to be full of energy. Following the traditional flavors that are always loved by the public, but adding some of the gastronomic trends, we give you the opportunity to offer your guests a wide variety of burgers, bao buns, barbecued meats, but also seafood, ouzo appetizers, as well as a gelato bar. Live bars offer tasteful pleasure and at the same time create the conditions for communication and interaction. It is proof of how haute gastronomy and ingenuity combine very effectively.


Events that stay in time, that everyone remembers, that make you say you would do it all over again.

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