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We are inspired every time by the people we have in front of us. We follow your desires, we walk along the paths of your imagination and dreams. We listen carefully to what you share with us, we see the movements of your hands and eyes. We listen to your needs, empathize with your feelings, share thoughts, solutions and ideas. We are passionate about your story and plan together what you want to celebrate. Love in a marriage as you have dreamed of, the baptism of your child, the achievements between colleagues and friends, the joy that brings an oath, a bachelor party and every small or big event.

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Every moment has the flavor we give it. Let alone our important moments, the ones we share with our loved ones and want to be engraved inside us. Culinary pleasure is a demand for everyone and Amaryllis Class Catering has been taking care of this for many years, catering every successful event with the best raw materials and inspired dishes. The high quality, the careful presentation of each dish, the unsurpassed taste and the ideal combination of the food with wines from the Greek and international vineyards create an impeccable effect.

We define the catering menu with you and the chef and his team cook for you and your guests wherever you choose to hold your event, be it a venue, home or any outdoor space. The equipment, the know-how, the human resources specialized in the focus and the continuous training of our team are the pillars of the excellent service and care we offer you.


Planning a wedding reception is always a unique challenge and also extremely rewarding. It means that two people truly and practically trust you. This trust we honor, celebrate and take care of with all our love. 

On this special day, your wedding day, we are by your side offering impeccable service to you and all your guests, with our people being discreet and responding with joy and courtesy to the world. Together we plan and organize the menu and the timeline of your reception. Depending on the style of your wedding, whether you have chosen a specific musical and artistic theme, everything can be adapted to the individual needs and specifications of your reception. Epilektiki Diaskedasi can support you in its own venues, but also in any venue you decide to have your wedding party!


The christening of your little one is an important day for the whole family and you want to remember it with emotion and a lot of joy. When organizing your child’s christening reception, you will be among a variety of options for the space, decoration, colors, entertainment for the young and old guests and of course for the food. Maybe you want to have a small or big reception in an organized place, maybe you set up a buffet in the courtyard of the church, perhaps you want to host all your guests in your home or even plan an outdoor table on a beach or at some other point. Whatever your desire, it is certain that Epilektiki Diaskedasi has the ability to perfectly frame your event.

We will plan this unique day together and we will come up with a menu that can follow all the dietary restrictions that some of your guests may have, especially small children. As part of the christening event, we can take care of entertaining your little guests with various childish and imaginative activities, from professional animators, that will keep them busy and very, very happy.


A corporate event must be very well organized and why not very pleasant and entertaining. Organizing a successful corporate event requires detailed planning, just like you organize everything at work. Epilektiki Diaskedasi has the expertise to create an unforgettable corporate event for you. In whatever space you choose, whatever style you desire, everything can be adapted to your needs and preferences. Of course, you can always be original by organizing a bubbly brunch, a breakfast or a theme night in addition to the established meals as most people have them in mind. We are by your side to guide and support you in any idea you might have. 


Excitement for your new career start is a wonderful feeling and attitude to life that deserves worth celebrating. We will plan together every single detail for that day while the many years of experience of the people of Epilektiki Diaskedasi in gastronomy and perfect service will guide you quickly and easily according to the type and place of your work. An office, store or exhibition opening requires experienced staff who know how to move among the guests making sure that nothing is missed by anyone, while creative ideas such as a moving open bar will surprise everyone.


We create great memories entertaining our little friends. We organize surprises with the parents, we plan the children’s creative activities with the help of educators and entertainers and of course we take care of the food for children and adults which is healthy, excellent in quality and very impressive. The space is decorated with the child’s favorite theme, while the buffets are filled with handmade sweets, homemade lemonades and fresh juices, cookies and snacks for breaks from play. Epilektiki Diaskedasi undertakes to set up and serve the food and drinks on its premises and wherever you choose to celebrate your child’s birthday, name day, graduation and any other occasion.


When we hear the cocktail parties, the thoughts we do and the images that are created are frantic dancing, fine finger food, plenty of booze, cocktails, premium service, and fun until morning. You and your friends are having fun with the sounds of dj and the drinks of the professional bartenders. Our team with many years of experience in organizing events is always ready to take over your party planning, wherever you want to be done by organized space to the privacy of your home or an outside space.


And yet reality can surpass imagination. This is what happens at every VIP dinner where dreams come true and life experiences and memories are created. All you have to do is tell us what the special occasion is and how roughly you envision it. You leave all the rest to us. We will design for you a personalized and unique experience that will be unforgettable. If you want to celebrate something in a very unique way, then VIP Dining is the ideal service. We will set up the scenery of your dreams wherever you wish and we will take care of everything down to the smallest detail. Music, decor, drinks, food, your favorite dessert, candles and surprises. What you need to do is relax and just enjoy it. We promise it will be a once in a lifetime experience.



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